November 6th Sun

What a beautiful day in the autumn weather.
It’s just a waste to stay home. I better go somewhere to eat something yummy in this harvest season.(called “Syokuyoku no Aki”)
So, I went to “Tamagoya” where I heard they have a good reputation.

0002“Tamagoya” is located in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, and is just in front of the Himeji Castle.
They use a nutritious, delicious and safe egg from their healthy chickens they grow, so you can eat a fancy tamagokake-gohan(raw egg on rice).

I’m sure all Japanese people love tamagokake-gohan, right?
From what I’ve heard, raw eggs are hardly ever eaten overseas.
I see our Japanese eggs are so safe, and I appreciate it once again.

Well, we arrived there at 11:30 am.
There were already about 10 groups waiting in the line.
Oh well, just what you’d expect. Well-known restaurants are never without a long line.
We decided to wait for our seats after filling out our name on the waiting list.

Tourists from overseas seem to write in English.
The number of guests are also required with the name on the list.
Since my wife and two kids came with me, I wrote 4.
They seem to skip a group that is not there when they call the name, they may be hanging out somewhere while waiting for their seats, so we just stayed there.
Then about 30 minutes later, we finally entered the restaurant!

0006Once I entered, the restaurant was kind of small, and there were several tables for 2 and 4 person seats.
We got the table for 4 seats, then ordered 4 servings of “Tamagokakemeshi”.
Toppings are available so I picked “Hinepon” of Himeji specialty and also Chirimenjako(dried tiny sardines).

After a short time, yay, it finally came!
Warm rice with thick and protuberant raw egg yolk, this combination is so irresistible.
Mmm, yummy!

0007Creamy eggs have a dark taste without any smell.
Since the eggs and rice are free refills, I had two bowls!
I am full from that satisfying meal.
Glad to be born in Japan truly.
Raw egg on rice is simple but actually so outstanding.

0008This is the taste you must want to eat even though you stand waiting in a long line.
I believe it was well worth to wait.
It was crowded because it was Sunday today, but you may be fine if you try other than lunchtime on a weekday.

I really want people from overseas to try a raw egg while visiting Japan.
No worries, Japanese eggs are safe.
In fact, the person who becomes a fan after trying it in Japan is more likely.

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I tried this dish this time.
Please click here if you are interested in the location of the restaurant and the price of the dish.


68 honmachi himeji hyougo

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