“Taishusakaba(Pub) YUMENOMAI” is an attractive Izakaya to enjoy casually as the name suggests.

The barrel of local sake from Banshu placed in front of the shop is a landmark.

If you open the door, delicious food and alcohol are waiting.
You will be welcomed by a wonderful staff with a beautiful smile, then feel at ease with an atmosphere that will get you along with your neighbors immediately.

First, let’s start by a routine menu item in a Japanese pub, cold beer, highball (whiskey and soda) and edamame.

You pick your order dishes slowly while moisturizing your throat with them, sounds good?
This edamame uses black soybeans so the taste is special.

Price of all of the dishes on the menu is clearly stated! Moreover, one dish is very affordable at a price of 280 yen.
Even the price of excellent fresh sashimi is so.
Specialty, tuna trimmings are also good, rich flavored Maguro Yukke(tuna sashimi seasoned with a special sauce and mixed egg yolk) has an unforgettable and delicious taste once you eat it.

Skewered Tempura is easy to eat and one dish is for 120 yen. You can order your favorite fish and vegetables as much as you want.

Besides, there are various recommended dishes such as the very popular and rich flavored squid legs that are stir fried with butter and soy sauce, Banshu-specialty Hinepon that has a chewy but crunchy texture, spicy chorizo and so on. Recommended dishes of the day are written on the chalkboard, so don’t forget to check it out too!

And, what we want you to taste here, is a local sake from Banshu. Since several brands are available, it’s fun to drink and compare them.
You might be surprised to know about the taste of sake.

Please visit “Taishusakaba YUMENOMAI” when you come to Himeji.
[ 記事 日本語訳 ]

480yen (+tax)

I tried this dish this time.
Please click here if you are interested in the location of the restaurant and the price of the dish.

Yume no Mai [ 大衆酒場 夢の舞 ]

Address:61-9 Ekimaecho, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture
[ 兵庫県姫路市駅前町61-9]
Open:AM10: 00 ~ PM10: 00
Close:Irregular holidays

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