A restaurant majestically located in front of Himeji Station. I went to “Hakata Umakamon” and they serve real delicious Hakata foods.
Even a person who has no sense of direction will never get lost when going to the place, it’s a pleasant location and is found easily as it’s in front of the Station!
Kyushu · Hakata is famous for having lots of delicious foods, isn’t it?
Especially ramen noodles!
It is attractive that the authentic taste is served even though I can not go to Hakata.
Since there is a variety of drinks available, I went with my friend who is a big drinker.

One of the specialties, I ordered was a course meal for Motsunabe(offals cooked in a hot pot) with a free drink refill.
The course of 2980 yen for 8 dishes is a lot.
It consists of a small bowl, an appetizer, salad, fried food, grilled food, Motsunabe, and the end has noodles or rice porridge and dessert.
It’s big enough to get your stomach full, right?
Plain soy sauce or miso flavor is available for Motsunabe.
Moreover, the grilled food is one of the specialties. It’s black pig pork dumplings on the iron pot.
This is one of the foods that everyone wants to try when going to Hakata.
Piping hot Gyoza dumplings on the iron pot is matched with beer.

There is a variety of choices at this place such as private rooms, table seats,etc.
A simple and relaxed atmosphere is nice.
There is also a private room for two seats, perfect for a date.
It’s good for staying long to drink and eat.

Boiling Motsunabe, beer and shochu(distilled spirit), are all irresistible.
The taste was great.
I also enjoyed having conversations with my friend about a lot of things.
Since there were many other interesting menus, I would like to come back.
Chicken hot pot, Miyazaki Chicken Nanban (fried chicken with Tartar sauce), skewered, etc, it looks just amazing!
Also rice balls wrapped with meat became a topic.
It’s unbelievable that I can eat them in Himeji without going to Hakata!
And, fresh fish is available.
They keep whole tuna and mackerel in stock, seems delicious.
Their big desserts also gives money a feeling of value.

I got ramen noodles in the Motsunabe at the end.
I took long to pick my choice of rice or ramen noodles, but I knew I should try noodles at this time.
It was great just as I had expected.
The noodles that absorb the delicious broth were incredible.
Well, now I’m thinking I could have ordered small rice and added it in a pot.

I was able to feel like I went to Hakata while I stayed at “Hakata Umakamon” where there are enjoyable authentic Hakata tastes.

[ 記事 日本語訳 ]

780yen (+tax)

I tried this dish this time.
Please click here if you are interested in the location of the restaurant and the price of the dish.

Hakata Umakamon Himeji-honten [ 博多うまかもん 姫路本店 ]

Address:225 ekimae-cho himeji hyogo japan
[ 兵庫県姫路市駅前町225番地 ]

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