A popular Izakaya called “Yumeya” is located in an easy-to-understand place in front of the Himeji station.
When you want to stop only for one drink or go bar-hopping with your colleagues after work, you can feel free to visit this place.
There are cheerful workers in the bright atmosphere, a lot of standing seats for drinking, some table seats are available too.
Some of the middle aged businessmen were drinking and chatting with the waitress at the counter.

I settled down at the counter seats with my colleagues, and started with beer and Oden!
Having one drink while eating classic Oden with beef tendon, Daikon radish and eggs.
Mmmm, great.
Oden has Kansai style broth taste and a light color.
I heard that the color is pitch black in Tokyo, is that correct?

We had a lively conversation and I started to drink beer then shochu-based beverage. My colleagues were drinking highball(wisky and soda).
Also various snacks were available.
Their potato salad was affordable at a price of 200 yen and was very tasty.
Yumeya-Specialty tuna trimmings was only 380 Yen, unbelievable.
I ordered fried chicken for 380 Yen as well. All of them, affordable and taste great.

There are many kinds of sake, and it is a really nice place to drink with snacks.
What they have local sake provides great value.
It is okay to stop by for bar hopping or just staying long here as well.
Maybe my little concern is that there are more male customers.
However, it is really not an atmosphere that is difficult for females to enter.

Even one person seems to be OK at all.
Because the clerks are young and beautiful, I understand that the number of male customers should increase.
I felt that my male boss would be happy when I take him here.
Even if you order for alcohol and various snacks, it is a wallet friendly place.
2,000 yen is quite enough to enjoy a full stomach.

Warmed sake is good for cold weather.
Having steamed clams with sake seems awesome.
In the summer time, have a cold beer after running around for your business!
This is a place I can enjoy any time of the year.
It looks like males are the core customers, but no problem for females because of the warm atmosphere!
It will be easy to visit all the time.

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400yen (+tax)

480yen (+tax)

I tried this dish this time.
Please click here if you are interested in the location of the restaurant and the price of the dish.

Yumeya [ 大衆酒場 夢や ]

Address:301 Ekimaecho, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture
[ 兵庫県姫路市駅前町301]
Open:AM10: 00 ~ PM10: 00
Close:Irregular holidays