Two men went there this time but I though it would be nice to take a family or female friends.
Not only does the exterior look beautiful, but females seem to like the interior decorating as well.
There is an artificial pond and the indirect lighting is rich, it has a very nice atmosphere.
In addition, this restaurant considers their many guests in wheelchairs and I see that they care about bumps, etc.
Their attentive is fantastic.
I went inside and picked a table seat (There are also seats at the bar).

I can tell “they are particular about meat” when I look at the menu.
Kuroge Wagyu beef steak looks delicious.
Their hamburger steak also seems to be made of good meat at the restaurant.
I ordered the limited number of Hamburger steak lunch platter.
The price is 1,750 yen, which is somewhat high, but it is reasonable if the contents are considered.

* The soup of the month (it was burdock root soup on this day)
* Teppanyaki pasta with garlic toast
* Seasonal salad
* Special homemade Japanese style hamburger steak (100% beef)
* Rice (from Arai, Niigata prefecture)
* Red miso soup
* Japanese pickles
* Dessert · homemade ice cream (it was mango ice cream on this day)

They make the hamburg stake using healthy minced fillets, they say.
100% beef has a tough texture image, but there is not such a thing at all.
It’s a fluffy thickness and the meat juice overflows.
Since the meat itself is delicious, their choice of simple Japanese style sauce is the best instead of rich sauce I think.
I was so impressed by the fact that the great meat makes hamburger steak so delicious.

Both Teppanyaki pasta and garlic toast are grilled in front of you.
Rice farmed in Niigata prefecture is chewy and tasty, the salad uses fresh vegetables and is light and yummy!
Ice cream is served at the end so the inside of the mouth is refreshed.

The performance that they grilled to a frizzle in front of you is so fun!
I had a great conversation with my friend.
I think that it’s a good place for families or dates.
Everything that is served is delicious and is ate with chopsticks easily, so I highly recommended it to everyone!

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I tried this dish this time.
Please click here if you are interested in the location of the restaurant and the price of the dish.


3-130 Iida, Himeji, Hyogo

Business Hours:
Lunch 11: 30 ~ 14: 00
Dinner 17: 00 ~ 21: 00
Closed: Wednesdays, On irregular holidays during the summer, End of the year and New Year holidays


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