I went to an adult Japanese dining “Umeno” a restaurant like a hiding place located close to Himeji castle.
It is about a 7 minute walk from Himeji Station and near Himeji Park, so you can stop by while going back to Himeji Station after sightseeing at Himeji castle! The location is also easy to find.
When going up the stairs and entering the store on the 2nd floor, peaceful Japanese taste is spread out all over the space.
The staff wears Japanese-style clothes which was also nice.

I ordered food immediately.
For the first order, I got “Sasami no tataki with umeniku ponzu(620yen)” and “Tuna and Avocado no aemono (930yen)”, and then the “Tomato and Cheese Salad (780yen)”.
I like avocados. It matches the best with Tuna! I cannot help but order it when I find it on the menu.
The sasami(Chicken Breast Strips) was tasty with an accent by umeniku(pickled plums paste) and has a simple taste.
I guess every woman likes tomato and cheese salad. They will be ordering wine with it.

Since many kinds of drinks are available at Umeno, you can order according to your mood or food. There is local sake of Himeji “Shirasagi no shiro” and “Okuharima” so it is good for tourists.

Well, I absolutely continue to order more food because just an appetizer does not satisfy my stomach enough.

Okay, now let’s try “Shrimp and Scallop no surimi-iri mizugyouza(700yen)”, “Takobutu orosi ponzu(800yen)”, and let’s see, “Dried shrimp tappuri sakusaku Chijimi(600yen)”, “Sawara&mushroom no mayonnaise yaki(780yen)”!

Mizugyouza(boiled dumplings) was so chewy and tasty. The piping hot temperature was also an extra point.
Takobutu(Octopus) and Chijimi(Korean pancake) match with sake.
Sawara(Spanish mackerel) was also delicious. I just realized that I was ordering only for seafood, haha.

I was attracted by the word “Daininki(super popular)” and ordered “Daininki funwari goma tofu(520yen)”. It was fluffy as the word is and I cannot eat it elsewhere!, I thought.
Also, I ordered the “Omelette tororogake(650yen)” because it sounded a little strange, what is an omelette with tororo(grated yam)??? But it unexpectedly matched!

Let’s have a lot of meat at the end! “Grilled chicken thigh part with salt(750yen)” and “Roasted pork belly shabu-shabu(780yen)”!

I was satisfied with eating the big meal.

Because it is Japanese style, I would like to recommend foreigners. It seems there are courses starting from 2,900 yen, so it is not too expensive, it was a calm atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your meal. It was quite a nice place.

[ 記事 日本語訳 ]

Wa-dining Umeno [ 和ダイニング うめ野 ]

Address:58 Hakugincho, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture
[ 姫路市白銀町58]
Open:PM5: 30 ~ PM11: 00( L.O PM10: 30 )
Close:Sunday , Irregular holidays

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