I went to an authentic Izakaya called “Omotenashi Suzunoan” in Himeji!

“Omotenashi Suzunoan” is an Izakaya with a “pure” atmosphere located just in between Himeji Station and Himeji Castle, and has enjoyable, authentic food and a variety of Japanese sake.

The atmosphere of the place is calm with a Japanese style.
With simple construction, there are counter seats and table seats.
It is small enough to be filled when about 30 people are present. It is said that it is a popular but well-kept secret place in Himeji, and it seems that it will be hard to get a seat without a reservation.

Highly recommended food at “Suzunoan” is absolutely Anago(conger)!
I support the conger dish the most!
It is understandable because a variety of arranging conger dishes are available.

A must-order menu item for conger is definitely Otsukuri (sashimi).
It is rare to see conger sashimi.
you can enjoy a pretty good amount with 1,180 yen (tax included).

There is no chance to eat sashimi with conger, right?
I also got it for the first time.
I’m a little nervous because I usually eat it seasoned with rich sauce.

It is difficult to explain but it had a fluffy texture.
It is chewy and the light because it is white fish.
It seems to match with ponzu with grated Daikon radish more than soy sauce, and I enjoyed the delicious light taste.

In addition, there is “Grilled conger(1,200 yen)”, “Steamed conger(1,200 yen)” and “Conger Tempura(1,100 yen)”.

Not only can you enjoy conger but also a fresh sashimi platter at an affordable price.
“Zeitakumori” is only 1,880 yen (including tax), and you can have as many as six different kinds of sashimi.

And then, not just fish!
You can have chicken sashimi at Suzunoan”! And it’s a platter!

It is unbelievable for me as a chicken sashimi lover!
Platter for only 1,380 yen (tax included)… I am so glad.

I also ordered the recommended menu item “Dashimakitamago(Japanese style omelette’s)”(650 Yen) ” which is made with broth from particular kelp and bonito, it had a gentle and comfy taste.

I want to eat a lot of meat! I ordered the chicken wings (650 yen) as well.
They are also juicy and tasty!

Izakaya has both delicious meat and fish…it’s like a dream.
Of course, the sake was delicious too!

They have a large selection of beer, and lineup of sake which matches with sashimi.
Local sake from Hyogo is available as well and you can enjoy Yaegaki, Shirasagi no shiro, Okuharima, Komenosasayaki, etc.

It was a nice Izakaya that is enjoyable to talk at with delicious sake and dishes relaxing in luxury.
Please visit when you go to Himeji. Do not forget to make a reservation!

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I tried this dish this time.
Please click here if you are interested in the location of the restaurant and the price of the dish.

Omotenashi Suzunoan [ おもてなし すずのあん ]

Address:1F 81 Konyamachi, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture
[ 兵庫県姫路市紺屋町 81 1F]
Open:PM5: 30 ~ PM11: 59( L.O PM11: 00 )
Close:Sunday , Irregular holidays